Securities Based Loans

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Securities Based Loans

Whether you want to buy a home, finance a tax obligation, fund education or cover other expenses, a securities based loan may offer a convenient way to access funds. If you qualify, securities based loans provide access to a flexible line of credit that uses eligible securities in your Morgan Stanley brokerage account as collateral. As an employee of Morgan Stanley, you have access to a full suite of cash management and lending products and services at exclusive discount pricing.

Morgan Stanley employees are eligible for a 75 basis point discount on published rates for securities based loans. Securities Based Lending products include:

  • Liquidity Access Line
  • Margin

Securities based loans are designed to provide access to funds, while providing the opportunity to keep your investment strategy intact. Clients use loan proceeds to finance a variety of needs, including:

  • Home purchases or improvements
  • Tax obligations
  • Education expenses
  • Debt consolidation

Borrowing against securities may not be suitable for everyone. You should be aware that there are risks associated with a securities based loan, including possible maintenance calls on short notice, and that market conditions can magnify any potential for loss. For details please click here to see the important disclosures.

CRC 1697002-02/2017

Important Risk Information for Securities Based Lending